What is the difference between Guru and God?

The GURU is the “LIGHT” that shows the Creator..the GURU gives us the GYAAN to “see” Him.

Guru is a ‘Bohaith’ a ship, a divine soul which has direct connection with God. He sends the message of God to us. Thats why “Gur Bina Mukt nahi”….

Next question comes, who is a bhagat… A bhagat is lower than a guru because bhagats have only GLIMPSES of God. Not direct link…

Guru means the preacher, who removes the ignorance so that we can see the truth clearly and differentiate the right from wrong. The ignorance is like darkness in which you cannot find the existence of an item and also you cannot differentiate the different items.

Thus, Guru is compared to Sun and Moon, who remove the darkness-ignorance. There is difference between Guru and Satguru. Both preach the correct knowledge only. But, the knowledge preached by Satguru is complete and the knowledge preached by Guru is incomplete. Guru is a human being, well-versed in scriptures. Satguru is the God in human form.The word ‘Guru’ denotes the human form. The word ‘Sat’ denotes the God. The meaning of the very word ‘Guru’ means the preacher, who removes the darkness-ignorance by giving the knowledge-light.

Great sage most revered Kabir has preached:

“Guru the washer man, disciple is the cloth, the name of God liken to the soap, wash the mind on foundation firm to realize the glow of Truth.

Real difference between Guru and God

Once Guru and God arrive at a devotee’s home. He came out and fell in their feet. When he went to God’s feet, God said wait, first you should bow down to Guru.

When devotee went to guru’s feet, guru said I have brought God to your home go and bow down to God first.

Devotee returned to God’s feet, then God said, your Guru has brought God in your life, he has told you Path to me, so first go to guru’s feet.

Devotee went back to guru’s feet, then guru said. I only have told you the path to divinity. But God has made you. Isn’t it?! So go and bow down to God first.

Then he went back to God’s feet. God said wait. This is all right but i want to tell you about God’s and Guru’s principle. In God’s principle, i have justice system. If you do good deeds you get good return, good karma will take you to havens, will yield liberation, you will get good life but if you do bad karma it will yield only bad results. You get punished, you go to hell, you will be stuck and your soul will suffer.

But see Guru principle, Guru is very innocent. When you go to Guru. How so ever you are, in whatever state you are. Whatever your karma’s are. Guru will embrace you. Guru will purify you and brings you to my feet. That’s why guru never pushes away anyone. Guru only polishes you and bring them to divinity.