What are the Proven Methods to Make YouTube Safer for kids ?

YouTube Kids launched back in 2015 has reached terrible twos. This free to use application for kids has made an effort to eliminate all the unseemly parts and content of YouTube by replacing them with educational shows, cartons and other kid friendly contents. But, there are some video bloggers and people who make fake videos with disturbing content for kids. So, it is no longer safe to park your kids in front of YouTube Kids when you are busy with other things. Fortunately, after the updates, the YouTube Kids come with few parental controls that can help minimize the risk of the child stumbling across all the obnoxious contents.

Apart from the parental controls, there is also a feature that can eliminate the risk and it is called playlist. It is always a smarter choice for parents to create a playlist of videos that you have screened earlier. That aside, here are few simple tips to make the YouTube Kids Safer in 2019.

Disabling Search Option from Settings

YouTube Kids allow the toddlers to search by typing or speaking the keyword and this is the easiest way to search for your favourite videos. So, you simply need to disable the search function and your kid will be suggested only by smaller fraction of videos which are being chosen by the algorithm of Google.

You need to tap on the “Lock” icon available at the lower right and enter a password and tap on “Settings” and then “Kid’s Profile” and toggle off the “Search Settings”. You are allowed to set separate profiles of each of the kids and this allows you to enable the search for some of the contents.

Customization of Password and Make a Difficult One

The second method is to see a custom password and to create it you need to enter 4 digit passwords which are spelled out on “Parents Only” screen. If your kid is capable of reading, then you need to customize the password with digits and alphabets and this would prevent them from getting the password for settings and re-enable the search option. On the screen of “Parents Only” you will find the button of “Set my Own Password”.

All Objectionable Videos and Contents Must be Blocked or Reported

If your kids get disturbed and come screaming to you after streaming the objectionable content, then being a parent you need to block the videos to prevent it from resurfacing again. You can also report about it and the YouTube Kids team will review the flagged videos and take measures against it. It is suggested that you must block and report the videos if you find it offensive.

To learn about the methods of blocking the objectionable content, you must refer the website of justbutmust.com which provide you comprehensive guide on blocking the objectionable videos on YouTube Kids.

Creation of Videos Playlist and Channels as Per Kid’s Preference

From 2018, YouTube Kids have added few more parental controls that allow the parents to select the content and choose exactly the videos and channels that their kids prefer streaming and also they can disable the ability of kids to search content online. This also prevents them to Download YouTube Video Online.

To enable this new parental control, you need to open the settings of YouTube and choose the “Approved Content Only” within the child’s profile. Now you need to select the channels and videos that you want the child to have access by simply clicking of “+” icon.

YouTube is not the only source for video content and streaming as there are many other options available over the internet which can keep your kids entertained. If YouTube Kids have freaked out your kids, then you may simply switch to other kid’s friendly video streaming applications. The information regarding the alternative to YouTube Kids can be found online from the website of justbutmust.com.

Apart from the alternatives of YouTube Kids, you can also download kid’s friendly videos and content online using the best Free Video Downloader which allow you to download unlimited YouTube videos and videos from other websites. But, you need to ensure that the content that you are downloading is kid friendly and not an objectionable content which your kid don’t prefer streaming. These were some of the things and methods which you need to keep in mind to make YouTube Kids Safer.

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