How to choose best Water Purifier ?

Water is the basic necessity in our life and it is life saving indeed, but drinking clean water is very important for overall hygiene and safety of your health. You don’t have to risk your health anymore by drinking unclean water as the market is flooded with a variety of water purifiers which can deliver you purified and clean water every time. So, bring the Best water purifier for home to get a consistent flow of clean and treated water which is safe for drinking and cleaning.

Today, the water purifiers available in the market are quite advanced that uses different stages of purification and filtration technologies like UF, UV, RO, filters like sediment and carbon to purify the drinking water and make it free from all types of contaminants. But, not all water purifiers are equally designed and hence it is necessary that you settle with only best water purifier that comes with sensible price in India. Here is the list for you help.

Kent Grand 8-Litres Water Purifier

Kent is the leader in water purifier as it uses advanced purification technologies like Reserve Osmosis or RO to purify and deliver you clean drinking water. Kent Grand is the number one choice in water purifier today as it uses double purification of RO+UV/UF which ensure to treat the water and make it soft for drinking, while removing all contaminants to offer you and your family with pure and safe drinking water.

Kent Grand comes with patented RO technology and it uses the built-in TDS controller to retain the natural minerals and this enhances the water quality and makes it even healthier for drinking. Before buying the water purifier ensure to check online for the Kent Water Purifiers Price List for better and affordable deals.

Eureka Forbes Aquasure

Eureka Forbes is the brand that is pioneer in innovations and latest technologies in water purifiers. Aquasure Smart Plus is the RO+UV water purifier which comes with MTDS technology and this enhances the overall quality of drinking water. Besides the design and built quality of the water purifier is quite amazing and stylish. It is elegant and sleek model with LED indicator which indicates you about different stages of purifications.

It is the ideal water purifier for water that is sourced from bore well, taps and tankers. It has carbon granule that polishes the water and makes it safe for drinking and also enhances the natural taste of water. However, the Water Purifier Price is quite higher for Eureka Forbes models, but you can check for latest deals and offers on the website of to save some money.

Hindware Elara 7-Litre Water Purifier

Elegant and super stylish black and white water purifier by Hindware comes with 7-litre water tank capacity and has some of the advanced purification systems. This water purifier takes the water through 7 different purification stages including RO, UV, UF, Mineral Fortification and more. These seven purification stages ensure to remove the impurities and dissolved solid including sand, mud, dirt and heavy metals along with chlorine, chemicals, bacteria and germs to make it safe for drinking.

The water purifier also comes with post carbon filter which is known for enhancing the taste of water. Its mineral fortification stage ensures to sustain the natural minerals in water to maintain your and your family’s health.

Havells Pro RO UV Water Purifier

Havells is the new brand in the market of water purifier. It is the brand that mainly deals in electronic products and ruling the Indian electronic market with wide variety of products like fans, lighting, kitchen appliances, water heaters, and more. Recently they have also ventured into the water purifier market by launching their new Havells Pro RO+UV water purifier which undergoes 6 different water purification stages to purify the water and ensure to make it clean and safe for drinking.

Moreover, the water purifier comes with elegant white and coral blue design which can be installed anywhere in the corner of your kitchen. The water purifier uses soft touch faucet that ensure less splash and only smooth flow of water, thereby preventing the kitchen floor from getting messy. It comes with capacity to filter up to 15 litre of water per hour and has 7 litre of removable storage tank.

So, these were some of the best water purifier for home that comes with sensible price in India. However, you are always required to compare the Water Purifiers Price List on the comparison site before buying to learn about the exciting deals available for you.



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