How to stay healthy in summers ?

The beauty of nature that we are blessed with different seasons throughout the year. The four seasons are springsummerfall (autumn), and winter.

The summer is an exciting time of our life but at the time we need to take care of health as well. So post is about the most common problems people face in summers and solutions –

  1. Sunburn  – It basically happens when we step out of the house under UV rays too much. It can cause red patches over the skin, fatigue feeling, dizziness etc. at some point it can also cause skin cancer. So it gets important to protect yourself from sunburn by covering yourself properly and try not to expose your body to the sun and also try to wear loose cloth so as to let your body breathe properly. Another way is to apply sunscreen properly to your body and face before stepping out. If you feel pain in your sunburns immediately consult any good dermatologist.


  1. Heat stroke – It has become literally the most common disease of summers. Heat strokes basically happen when a person stays continuously outdoors under the sun. Its symptoms can be breathing problem, fluctuation in pulse rate, high body temperature etc. so to avoid it you must try not to go out especially during the afternoon and even if you go always carry stole or shawl to cover yourself especially your face. Never wear tight or extra, heavy clothes and drink as much water as you can. Exposing yourself to the sun for prolonger hours can make you feel this. And if you feel that this is happening to you, then get something to hydrate yourself using the netmeds promo code.


  1. Rashes This particular disease is something we all must have suffered from at least once. Rashes happen due to excessive sweat and dirt present on the body. That is why it is said to take bath twice or at least once each day in summers. The excessive heat produces sweat, and excessive sweat produces bacteria which ultimately react by forming rashes all over your body. Hygiene should be your priority always.


  1. Food poisoning –  We all are fond of eating different food and many of the times store it to days. That is wrong,especially in summers. Due to excessive heat food spoils quickly. To prevent the risk of food poisoning always keep your leftover food in the refrigerator but not for more than 2 or maximum 3 days. Also always be conscious while purchasing packed food or raw vegetables or fruits. If you feel any bubble inside the packet or the food has been expired then immediately change or throw it away. This is something that people can easily get themselves into so use the pharmeasy coupon code to keep yourself away from it.


  1. Diarrhea –  As we already know that food spoil so quickly in summers and chances of unhygienic drinking water increases too. So make sure you keep your place and eatables and drinks all hygienic, clean and safe to consume. Having contaminated water leads to diarrhea. Make sure you drink water after boiling or store it at a clean place or utensil and also always wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly before eating them.


  1. Summer colds –  Heating up in summers and cold during winters sounds common and moreover digestible,right? But what about summer colds? I know, the horrible it sounds terrifying it is. There is a particular kind of virus which produces cold-like It gets even worst when to happen during mid of summers. It is called enterovirus and can make your situation worse than just a typical cold. Its symptoms include fever, headache, sore throat, mouth sores and sometimes rashes.


  1. Headache –  Summer means just sweat, heat and humidity. No, actually not, there are so many different weathers that keep on changing during summer time. So spending a lot of time under heat and sun rays ultimately results in severe headaches. According to research, it is said that summers are considered to be the most terrifying time for headaches. Usual or normal headache can literally go to the next level and worse under heat and humid time. So it is very important to stay away from this problem. Try to meditate whenever you get time and also try not to take stress at all. It will not only affect your mind by forming headache but also health issues will be increased.


  1. Asthma attacks – Summer might sound the best time to travel around, make you do list and explore yourself. But just like a coin has two faces summers also has some bad face too. This particular season is known to be hay-fever season.The High pollen level and also the increased fungal growth due to high rate of humidity in the air increases the problem of asthma attacks or other respiratory problems.

These seasons will come and go many times throughout your life. It all depends on us how we want to enjoy the life and take care of health.

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