How can I create a free Android apps without coding skills?

Yes, it is possible to create an Android app without coding skills and free of cost. For this, we need to thanks – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Why Android App ?

Android is one of the most welcome mobile platforms in the world of mobile apps. This is because Android provides free, open source operating environment where it is possible for developers to easily build apps with customized features.

Online websites 

There are many websites you can use to create an app. I would like to describe the followings which I tested, explored and used to create a Radio streaming and website app –


This visual programming tool helps everyone including children to create intuitive, fully-functional Android apps for smartphones and tablets without learning the basics of coding. The tool is block-based and lets you develop high impact, complex in a lesser time than using the traditional development methods.
The most attractive feature of MIT App Inventor is that you can connect your mobile phone at the same time you are developing it and see the working and effect of the codes and design at real-time.


Thunkable is the platform where anyone can build their own mobile apps. Available for iOS and Android. Also You can monetize your app.

Drag-and-drop app builder startup Thunkable has launched a cross-platform version of its product that lets users create apps that work across Android and iOS. The app builder is targeted at non-coders and first time developers, with the bold claim that the platform lets “anyone create beautiful and powerful apps”.

Users can choose from a variety of features and integrations for their apps, including Google Maps, Microsoft Image Recognition, payments through Stripe, and other APIs.


Originally based on MIT App Inventor, AppyBuilder is a FREE Drag & Drop mobile app builder platform that allows anyone to quickly design and build Android mobile apps, Even With No Coding Skills!

In summary – You can start with any of the above website to create a Android app and then depending on your app requirement you can choose one. The best thing is all the above website are similar in nature about features and functionalities.

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6 thoughts on “How can I create a free Android apps without coding skills?

  1. Thanks for sharing the websites. I have tried MIT and looks very easy to create an android app.
    May I know how I can publish the app on the Google Play Store ?

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