How to choose the best smart mobile phone?

When shopping around for a smartphone, first and most important point is to determine your needs(Why you need smartphone ?),Cost ,Model and then prioritize your own feature and other considerations to find the right phone. Learn how to make an informed decision when buying a smartphone.

Basic tips to consider:

1. Determine which features suit your needs

Each smartphone has some proprietary features, while basic features like email, web browsing, and maps will be available on all systems.
iOS/iPhone has exclusive features like Siri, fingerprint scanning, FaceTime chat, and iCloud support.

Android has Google Now, homescreen widgets for customization, and allows third party app installation (meaning you can download programs from the internet and install them outside of the Play Store ecosystem). Most Android phones today also have fingerprint sensors, cloud storage for pictures, and support the use of Google Drive for documents and cloud storage.

Windows Phone uses Cortana for voice activation, has “Live Tiles” homescreen customization, and incorporates Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF options.

2. How Much is the budget ?

iOS phones (iPhones) are typically more expensive than their Android counterparts. Among phone manufacturers, Apple and Samsung are typically among the most expensive , while HTC, LG, and Motorola tend to produce lower cost options.

Phones are subsidized when purchased along with a phone carrier contract or sometime even “free” upon signing. This usually commits you to a 2-year billing plan for the carrier and includes penalties for early cancellation.

3. Choosing a Smartphone Model

Newer phones are typically faster and more powerful than their respective older versions but will come at a higher cost. In particular, older model phones will have a more difficult time running modern applications.

For the budget-conscious, a good compromise is to wait for a new model of your desired smartphone to become available and to then take advantage of a drop in price of the other models. When a new phone model premieres interest in older models will immediately go down and the price will often change to reflect that.

Regardless of your choice, understand that technology moves very quickly and that newer phone models will continue to appear. Eventually every smartphone will seem old or obsolete.

4. Some other things to consider

  • Operating System – iOS, Android or Windows
  • Storage space
  • Screen size
  • camera quality
  • phone battery life
  • What about waterproof phones?
  • Which mobile phone brand should I go for?

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11 thoughts on “How to choose the best smart mobile phone?

  1. My iPhone SE of several years broke at the lightning port, and an out-of-warentee fix was $250. i saw more used SEs going for $130 for the 32GB model… But I qualified for a free upgrade. Tried the 11, that thing was too big for my hands. Instead I went for the Galaxy S10e, because at the same prices it gave me way more features: Samsung Pay to use even on credit card machines that didn’t accept NFC, AMOLED screen, and a program called DeX that allows me to use my phone in desktop mode. I cashed in iPad for some store credit to buy a case and some peripherals, and what was my dual-device ecosystem for Internet and computer communications now became one, my phone is my all-in-one device. When I can travel again (we in the midst of corona now), I’m getting a mobile 10″ monitor for portability, and I’ll be set.

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