What are the differences between Xbox and PlayStation game console?

The main difference between the Xbox and the PlayStation is the fact that PlayStation is developed by Sony and Xbox is developed by Microsoft.

The latest version of Xbox is Xbox one and PlayStation is PlayStation 4.

Major Differences Between Xbox One and PlayStation 4

  1. The PlayStation 4 looks small, sleek and stylish. The Xbox One looks like a big block in comparison. If you have limited space, then the Xbox and its power brick won’t look half as neat as the PlayStation.1
  2. The Xbox One provides an HDMI thru-connector, so you can run your cable or satellite box through one port and manage your service using the Xbox’s voice instructions. You can swap between playing a game and watching TV at a moment’s notice and pick up where you left off, which is pretty cool.
  3. You pay $100 more for the Xbox One with a Kinect 2 controller, which offers motion sensing (and handles the voice controls). This could be a huge feature in coming years, but for now it is a costly extra with limited utility (Sony’s less-powerful Eye Camera is a $60 extra).
  4. Xbox One runs with a Windows 8-style interface and operating system. This makes it a familiar sight to PC users (many of whom still dislike Windows 8’s new look) and detracts from the simplicity of a game console.
  5. Internet Explorer on Xbox One is a far better browser than Sony’s PlayStation offering, a factor if you plan to view websites on the big screen. The Xbox also comes with Skype built-in and SkyDrive cloud storage.

Nearly 5 years after launch, we compared the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One — and it’s a harder decision than ever

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