What are the Energy-Saving Gadgets for Home?

We’re a society of consumers, and energy is no exception. Our gadgets gobble more energy than ever before, but the average consumer doesn’t really know how to conserve it beyond unplugging and powering down.

Following Energy-Saving Gadgets are available in the market –

  • Ecoisme – A single device tracks the energy usage of all your appliances and makes recommendations on ways to save.
  • Sense – This device tracks each of your appliances’ energy consumption like a grocery receipt. It reviews your use item by item so you know where your money is going.
  • Thinkeco – This smart AC kit brings modern outlet, or “modlet,” smarts to all plug-in air conditioners. Users can capture their energy use, set a customized schedule, better control their room temperature, and do it all on the go.
  • Rachio – Controls your sprinkler system and set the most efficient watering schedule for your lawn via your phone.
  • Ecobee – This smart thermostat has individual room sensors and can adjust the temperature based on which rooms are occupied — saving you money and energy.
  • Tado – With this device in place, your smart phone can command any A/C unit that has remote control capability — whether in-window, portable or wall-hanging.
  • Nest – In as little as one week, the Nest “learning thermostat” programs itself to adapt to your lifestyle and seasonal patterns and adjusts accordingly to save energy.
  • Bosch’s FlexInduction burners – These cooktops only heat the surface area of your pot to be faster and more efficient than gas or electric models.
  • Blomberg’s energy efficient heat pump dryers – These completely ventless dryers are 50 percent more energy-saving than compact air-vented models – making then the most energy-efficient options in their class.

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Source – http://thewire.oncor.com/




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