How meditation can help to reduce EGO ?

What Is Ego?

Ego says, “I am something, I am somebody, I am very great” OR “I am not so great, I am not so evolved, I am a fool” – This is also ego!
Ego simply means lack of respect to the Self. Ego upsets you very often. Ego causes heaviness, discomfort. It doesn’t let love flow.
Ego is simply not being natural. Ego is when you go away from your center.

Meditation is the art of returning to your true-self. There is no need involved in this. Arguably, one could argue that it takes more strength to meditate than it does to lift heavy weights in the gym. After all, it must take willpower and resilience to ‘be still’, and observe the mind without judgement, in such a frantic world.

Don’t confuse ‘being still’, with sitting still. Sitting still means doing nothing, whereas ‘being still’ implies the withdrawal and retreat to the center of your soul.

One more point that needs to be stressed is how the human brain perceives things. The mind cannot comprehend certain events or circumstances, so it will form its own picture, alienating those who do different things. This picture is generated on the basis of past events and experiences, all of which make up the ‘conditioned mind’.

Here is a real life example – How ego effected the family relationship ? Please watch this video –

source – YouTube page of Gaur Gopal DasClick_Here



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