How I can become more intelligent Person?

We are humans and mistakes are bound to happen every now and then but thing is how you improve and move on.The simple answer is by doing things that consistently challenge your intellect, ability to focus, solve problems and by continually expanding your knowledge on a variety of subjects. The following five easy daily habits will make you smarter and give you the intelligence you deserve.

1. Smart Time Management

Make a list of your priorities. Tackle them in order of importance.This you can do first thing in the early morning.The energy level is much high in morning time with respect to other time.

2. Read Read Read

Reading creates an atmosphere for reflection and analytical thought. You pause and consider what you read. The practice of reading demands attention. Simply by concentrating, you stimulate your mind and increase your brainpower.Try to pick up a good book and read on a daily basis. It’s fun, relaxing, informative, and exercises your brain.

3. Regular Physical Exercise

An old Roman saying goes “Healthy mind, Healthy body.”  Actually, doing daily exercise led your body physical fit. It improves your immune system. It keeps away from all the disease. Exercise releases a hormone which increases your intellectual power and boost up your memory.

4. Eat green vegetables and fruits

As we all know fruits and vegetables contains a lot of varieties of vitamins which helps in well functioning of our brain. So, atleast you should take one fruit daily. Also, you can add dry fruits like almonds, raisins, roasted peanuts etc.

5. Meditation

Meditation can be done in any way i.e, control on our breath(exhale and inhale), listen to one continuous soft sound etc. It keeps you calm and helps you take a right decision. If you do meditation, it indirectly increase your intellectual level and boost up your confidence level, too. Many prominent university researchers claim meditation benefits the brain:

• UCLA produced a study correlating long-term meditation with better preserved grey matter, which resulted in healthier brains for older participants.

• Yale University demonstrated that meditation reduces daydreaming.

• Johns Hopkins found that meditation curbs depression, pain, and anxiety.

• Harvard research linked meditation to brain growth in the hippocampus and increased memory and learning.

Please try to incorporate above these daily habits into your lifestyle and you will notice a change. Intelligence represents a gradual change. Your brain takes time to adapt, but when it does, you’ll have the skills to live a happier, more intelligent life.




11 thoughts on “How I can become more intelligent Person?

  1. This s a great article, we should do these things on a day to day basis. If 75 percent of world did these things it would resolve a lot of promblems. Thanks for advise and information please if reading this comment share with others.

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  2. Naresh, what a great article. Meditation is really important. I will see you for another session soon.
    Waheguru Khalsa Waheguru Ji Fate


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