How Meditation can improve our way of life ?


In the beginning, our meditation may seem divorced from our daily life. It is like two people who live in the same house and do not talk to each other. In time, daily life and meditation become integrated and support each other.

From meditation, we learn to be present, more concentrated, and more generous, in whatever we do throughout the day. The attitudes of surrender, patience, contentment and awareness that are strengthened through the process of meditation are naturally applied to every aspect of daily life. Our lives then reflect the peace, joy and calmness that develop automatically through the practice of meditation.

Meditation help us to see how there is oneness between everything and everybody is in the creation – that, extremely and internally. We see how everything is interconnected. As we bring this realization to all aspects of our daily life, we demolish the walls we have built that separate our spiritual life from our daily life. The fracture that is experienced by so many people in the wholeness of their being is gradually healed.

If we analyse our tendency to see our meditation as separate from our daily life, we will understand that it is simply a symptom of this fracture, or fragmentation that we typically experience in many aspects of our lives. What we say is different from what we do.

Our spiritual desires are not reflected in our actions. We are in one place but wish we were in another. We are doing on thing but thinking of doing something else. Since we are never in the present and never being where we are , its no wonder that meditation seems so boring –if you force your mind to meditate and say , “Even if I can’t give the proper time to meditation , let me give at least half the time, even if I’m busy.

Finally, through the regular practice of meditation our life will changed in the following ways –

  • Meditation gives you a great start to your day.
  • Meditation increases positivity.
  • Meditation increases self-confidence.
  • Meditation reduces anxiety.
  • Meditation affords you a deeper connection with yourself.

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18 thoughts on “How Meditation can improve our way of life ?

      • Yes Definitely meditation is better than prayer.As meditation is feeling inside and focus on the third eye centre. Prayer mainly focus on chanting or requesting.Meditation is realizing the true nature and connecting with supreme lord.I am happy to discuss it more if you want.


      • Hi. The third eye is not part of Christianity. We can pray to God in all areas of life. It’s a lot different from religions that believe in meditation. Take care.

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      • Thanks Lorac, Meditation is practical way to realize or connect with lord or supreme power.When we start meditation and continue for couple of hours no stop then you can feel some bright light at the center of two eye. This is also called 10th door of body. Please spend some time to watch this movie –
        Spiritual Reality The Journey Within Power of Meditation –


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