What you have learned from life so far?

Keep moving is Life. Life is simple. Never complicate it. Over thinking about something will never help you to get rid of it. Stay calm.

Here are the few things I would to share  –

  • Health – You need to take care of your health or your health will limit your ability to enjoy your life. Make it a priority. You want to be a successful corporate executive or entrepreneur, work 10+ hours everyday, earn millions of dollars and don’t take care of your health for first 10 years of your career. Next 10 years of your career, you have to spend those millions of dollars to repair your broken health.
  • Family and Friends – Family does matter at every stage and phase of life. They are the people who really want you to live peaceful life. Always love them. I fought a lot with my cousin when I was growing up. Now, I miss them all the time. Time goes by faster each day so make sure and appreciate the moments you have with family and friends by understanding that they won’t be there forever.
  • Hard work pays – You might not get what you expected in life but if you worked hard ever on something , it will definitely be helpful.
  • Stop your online conversations with VIRTUAL friends. The more online you are ,the more insecure or lonely you are. Instead of that talk to your Parents and real life friends, they will give you more happiness than those VIRTUAL emoticons.
  • Guru or MentorIn life we definitely need a Guru or Mentor to learn the new things or to get the guidance about the personal or professional career.

That’s all so far I have learned and Still learning from life! Please share your learning so that we all can benefits.

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23 thoughts on “What you have learned from life so far?

  1. This is a very accurate article. Like some people have learn’t anything in life besides dumb things. These are the key points in life we should have learnt

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  2. Yes, Spending time with family is very important you can’t take material things with when you leave this earth only precious memories you spent with family and friends leaves a imprint and legacy.

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