What small thing can tell you a lot about a person?

There are few things you can observe to decide about the person’s character or personality. You can easily get some insight by asking questions or discussing about the situation or idea. However it is totally depend upon the person’s ability to judge the other person.

Here is a list of few questions can give some idea about a person’s personality –

  1. How they talk ABOUT people?

Watch out if they tend to blame people for everything and point out people’s faults and shortcomings. These people usually tend to see the world as happening to them and everything is someone else’s fault1.jpg

2. How they use the body language ?

Some cultures vary in meaning to their gestures. Do they speak with their hands? Our their hands more open or closed when talking? Do they cross their arms or put their hands in pockets? Do they put one hand in their pocket? Do they cover their mouth when they talk? Do they lean in when they talk or lean back?2.jpg

3. How well do they handle the situation ?

Watch how people behave in queues. Are they fidgety? Do they create a ruckus? Or do they just stand there quietly waiting for their turn? More often than not, the latter type of people are calm, and deal with their problems in a composed manner rather than complaining about them.3.jpg

4. How do they argue?

When disagreements with loved ones develop, do they attack the person or the problem? Positive individuals, ones you want to keep close, argue in order to solve a problem not to make the other person(s) look or feel bad.4.jpg


5. How do they carry themselves or keep their surroundings?

Are their clothes neat and clean? Is their room or car neat and clean? Often these indicate how organized a person is. The amount of clutter around them generally tells the amount of clutter in their minds. What is around them? That may indicate whether they are artsy, sporty or reserved.5.jpg

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