What are the stages of self-realization?

There are many types of meditation, the meditation have many different purpose, such as for  health, sleeping, relaxing, satisfaction,  religion, power or reunite soul to source to reach our true home which is the purpose of this life.

There are 10 stages of self-realization according to the true guru or perfect master or satguru based on Surat Shabad Yoga practice (Surat – Attention ,Shabad – Word,Yoga- Union) –

  1. Physical(PIND)
  2. Subtle – Astral (AND)
  3. Causal (BRAHMAND)
  4. SUNNA
  8. ALAKH
  9. AGAM
  10. ANAMI


All the ten stages divided into two main categories – KAAL (Negative Power ) and DAYAL (Positive Power)

KAAL (Negative Power) 

Kaal controls 3 stages ( Physical, Astral, Causal) with 8.4 million life forms and traps us in with Karma

  • Physical – What we can see with these eyes.
  • Subtle (Astral) – That part of the subtle universe which lies above the Physical worlds; the first spiritual region, known as Sahasradal Kanwal. To reach this region we need to lose awareness of this world through meditation to the third eye centre, center of both physical eyes. At this level everyone is more beautiful, more intelligent and wise.
  • Causal –The part of Subtle universe which lies above the Astral world; the 2nd spiritual region, known as Trikuti, also called Brahm Lok.

DAYAL (Positive Power) 

DAYAL controls 7 stages and sub divided in to 3 categories.

Parbrahm (Positive Power- Spiritual Creation, our own light is equivalent to 12 suns) divide into 3 section:

  • Sunna
  • Bhavsaagar
  • Bhawargupha

Shach-Khand (Positive Power- Spritual Creation Place for Saints) divide into 3 section:

  • Sat-Lok
  • Alakh
  • Agam

Anami (God realization, ocean of love, Real Home, Soul reunite with source).

Here are the some different formats or perspective –





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