Why you should have more than one Email account ?

In my opinion everyone should have at least two or more email accounts – one for your personal and other for professional use. There are many benefits of having more than two email accounts.

Because email accounts are fairly easy to set up and there’s no limit to how many you can have, using multiple email addresses can actually speed up communication and processes instead of slowing them down.

I have four mail accounts. Each assigned a different purpose for both security & spam avoidance.

1. Personal mail – used for family & friends
2. Secure – bank, credit & other accounts of sensitive nature
3. Shopping & Casual – For online purchases as well as registration for sites/forums
4. Work – work related email exclusively

Feeling Hectic to Manage Across Different Email Accounts? Use “Alto” to Gather and Organise Them All At One Place

Top reasons to have more than one email address:

Personal Email ID – Use this email id only to communicate with close friends and family members. You want to be sure that all your private and confidential personal matters are stored where you have ready access to them and they are secure. Here, choosing an email address with your first name or initial and your surname would help these people identify you.

Work Email Id – You will need to have a different email address for your business associations, be they colleagues, clients or other contacts. You can keep your work separate from your private affairs and maintain a professional identity by having an email address that advertises your name and the company you work for.

Financial: I would definitely recommend that you should use a unique email account for all the banking and financial needs. The best way to limit the chance that your financial email address ends up in the wrong hands is to only use it for financial sites. For extra caution, try using a separate web browser, or even a separate computer, if possible, to access your financial accounts, to minimize the chances that your financial information will end up in the wrong hands.

Blogging, Forums and Social Networking – Probably the best reason to have a variety of email addresses is for blogging, forum posting and social networking, to keep your various activities independent of each other. Many of these sites offer the option of site-specific email addresses, or at least the option of signing in with an email address that you can create specifically for your purpose. Having more than one email address in this environment makes managing your online presence much easier.

Miscellaneous  – There are many times you’ll need to give use an email address, and if you do so with your personal address, you can find yourself lots of spam emails. A good way to avoid such email is to have an Miscellaneous email account.

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