How do I back up my computer files?

Computer files backup is very important to minimizes the risk of loosing important documents,photos or office work etc.

Backing up files and photos isn’t hard, but with several different ways to go about it, it can be confusing to get started. This guide gives you the basics on the various choices you have to back up your files and the tips to make it easy.

Method No. 1 – External hard drives

An external hard drive is a hard disk drive just like the one inside your computer, where you can store any kind of file. Many are often small and portable, making them easy to stow away in a desk drawer or carry with you. Others are much larger and are designed to sit on your desk.

Some external hard drives have a rugged, waterproof or fireproof case and they’re worth buying if you’re concerned about unforeseen circumstances damaging the drive.

Method No. 2 – Flash or Pen drive


Flash drives (also called thumbdrives or jump drives) are tiny, highly portable drives, often no longer than a stick of gum. They come in a wide variety of designs, from simple sticks to novelty characters, and most can be attached to a keychain or lanyard. This method is very similar to the first one, but uses flash memory (a storage chip that can be erased and reused) instead.

A flash drive plugs into your computer through the USB port and once connected, you can copy or drag and drop files onto it. Once disconnected, those files will live on the flash drive until you remove them.

Method No. 3 – Cloud storage


Cloud storage is system where you move your files from your computer to a server in a data center, away from your home or work. A cloud storage company uses those servers to offer a certain amount of space that you essentially rent to store your files.

Back up to the cloud. Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, pCloud and many other cloud storage services make it supremely easy to make backups of your files, and the free storage on offer when you sign up may just be enough.

Once you sign up for a cloud storage service, you can upload files with a desktop application or through the company’s website over the Internet. With an Internet connection, you can view, modify and delete files stored in your cloud storage account at anytime, from any computer or mobile device. You can move files back onto your computer whenever you want.

If you’ve been reluctant to give backup the attention it deserves, we hope we’ve demonstrated that it needn’t be as time-consuming and expensive as you might have feared. And remember, that effort will be well worth it the moment that your hard disk fails, you suffer a virus attack, lose your laptop or someone steals your pride and joy.

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