Which habits will makes more intelligent?

Intelligence means different things to different people. I prefer the definition of intelligence given by David Wechsler: “Intelligence is the capacity to understand the world and the resourcefulness to cope with its challenges.”
We can use the following techniques to develop habits for increasing our intelligence.

1. Meditate

This can improve more than just intelligence. Over a consistent practice of years (I’ve at it for almost 3 now) it changes the structure of the brain. It will help you focus better for longer, improve emotional intelligence, and give you a heck of a lot of knowledge about yourself and your though patterns you usually don’t notice.

2.Get Out of Bed

Success does not necessarily equal intelligence and getting up early does not necessarily equal success. But it is a well established fact that productive and successful people (both of those things require a basis of intelligence) get out of bed early in the morning. Like 4 or 5 in the morning.

3.Read Read Read

Reading is the fastest way to learn new information. It builds focus and helps you link concepts together. It’s critical to constantly read if you want to become smarter.
Very few people are in the habit of reading books that improve their knowledge or develop new skills. Most people prefer to read fictions, which instead to adding knowledge, actually corrupt it by creating a false illusion of the reality. If you wish to be intelligent, daily read the books by the top authors of the world pertaining to your area of interest.

4.Surrounding yourself with intelligent people

By doing this, you’ll find that their curiosity, tenacity, and work ethic rub off on you. Pick up their habits, bounce questions and ideas off of each other, go over class notes and explain things to each other, and test each other.

5.Challenge Your Life

Can you build muscles without lifting the weight and causing discomfort to your muscles? Can you develop your mental ability without practicing a large number of difficult problems? Most people stop taking challenges of life due to the fear of failures and stop growing in life mentally and physically. Accept the challenges of life even if you can avoid. When tough time comes: Don’t say: Why me?; Say: Try Me

6.Experiment and Explore

If you wish to know the laws of the real world, you have to play with the real people in the real world. You must therefore experiment in your life as much as you can. Explore the world by meeting new people and new situation and learn from your success and failures. It is wisely said, “Every experiment proves something. If it doesn’t prove what you wanted it to prove, it proves something else”.

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