What are the common habits of rich and successful person ?

Financially responsible and successful people don’t build their wealth by accident — or overnight. Becoming rich takes serious willpower and long-term vision. You have to be able to keep your eye on the prize of financial freedom, be willing to sacrifice your present wants for the sake of your future and develop good habits to win.

Here are 10 habits of rich and successful people have in common-

1. They meditate

Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater Associates, told The Huffington Post in 2013 that “Meditation, more than anything in my life was the biggest ingredient of whatever success I’ve had.” Dalio, however, is not alone. Oprah, Rupert Murdoch, Russell Simmons, Arianna Huffington, Bill Ford and Padmasree Warrior have all attributed mediation as a huge component to their success.
Taking care of your body and mind by relaxing, exercising, healthy eating and getting enough sleep are all ways to improve your chances of success.

2. They wake up early

President Obama, Richard Branson, Jack Dorsey, Larry Schultz, Tim Cook and Xerox CEO Ursula Burns are known to be early risers. How has this attributed to their success? Because early risers are able to start their days ahead of everyone else by responding to others, exercising and finding some personal time, early risers also tend to be happier and are more proactive.

3. Rich people always keep their goals in sight

Not only do wealthy people set annual and monthly goals, but 67% of them put those goals in writing. “It blew me away,” says Corley. “I thought a goal was a broad objective, but the wealthy said a wish is not a goal.”A goal is only a goal, he says, if it has two things: It’s achievable, and there’s a physical action you can take to pursue it.

They think big. Many of us have common goals, such as paying off debt, buying a house and retiring by a certain age. But rich people have another goal of starting their own business or buying a second home and they are committed to their goals.It takes the right mindset to accomplish your goals, and the right mindset takes a lotta reading a lotta chatting with other people who have the same mindset.Visualizing your end goal is absolutely necessary.

4.They know what needs to be done today

“I maintain a daily to-do list.”Not only do the wealthy keep to-do lists, but they try to finish the mentioned activities listed each day.

5. They don’t watch TV

The common variable among the wealthy is how they make productive use of their time,” explains Corley. “They wealthy are not avoiding watching TV because they have some superior human discipline or willpower. They just don’t think about watching much TV because they are engaged in some other habitual daily behaviour — reading.”

6. They read but not for fun

Sure, rich people love reading, but they favour nonfiction — in particular, self-improvement books. “The rich are voracious readers on how to improve themselves,” says Corley.
They’re big into audio books- “I listen to audio books during the commute to work.” Even if you aren’t into audio books, you can make the most of your commute with any of these commute-friendly self-improvement activities.They constantly learn and grow. One of the reasons millionaires become millionaires is because of their constant desire to learn. To them, leadership books and biographies are much more important than the latest hit reality show. When they have free time, they use it wisely—by reading.

7. They aren’t hoping to win the jackpot

That’s not to say that the wealthy are always playing it safe with their money. “Most of these people were business owners who put their own money on the table and took financial risks,” explains Corley. “People like this aren’t afraid to take risks.”

8. They live like they are poor

They never spend money on things they don’t care about. They never waste money to impress others. They live below their means and reject big-spending lifestyles.

9. They manage their money well

They know how to increase their assets and reduce liabilities. They use their spare money optimally, avoiding credit card interest and only spending on useful things.They spend money to make money. They never leave money sitting in the bank account. Once they’ve got money saved up, they invest it.

10. They associate with positive, successful people

It is said that you are the average of the five people around you. Modelling is one of the primary ways we learn. If you associate with positive & successful people, not only can you learn from them, but you’ll also start to think… “if they can do it, why can’t I?” This explains the booming of many online millionaire clubs. And as a matter of fact, many millionaires put their profiles on secure dating apps to find a match too.

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Sources – http://www.businessinsider.com.au and Quora.com


3 thoughts on “What are the common habits of rich and successful person ?

  1. Determination, perseverance, persistence, and tenacity are all traits that I associate with successful people. #8 – live like they are poor. I recently read some of Grant Cardone’s materials and he speaks about being “broke not poor” which is exactly the idea that you mention. Well done! Take a look at my page if you get a free moment would love to hear some of your thoughts! Thank you!

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