What are the side effects of mobile radiation ?

In many of the studies on mobile phone radiation effects, it has been seen that people that used a cell phone for more than an hour per day for over ten years had a significantly higher rate of brain cancer and many other detrimental effects and ailments in their bodies such as; dizziness, neurosis, insomnia, headaches, an increase in stress, lower bone density, possible changes in brain activity and even infertility in some men.rays-231630_640

Communication connection between two mobile

1. When the caller start the call the electro magnetic field transmit from his mobile
antenna which received by the closest base station “BS”.
2. Then the signal transmit from the BS to the switching center “SC” in order to check the authentication of the caller and receiver.
3. After that the SC will transmit the signal to the closest BS in the receiver side
4. Next the BS is going to transmit electro magnetic waive which should be received be the receiver mobile antenna.
5. Finally after the receiver open the line the two way communication connection
establish between two persons.


How the radiation is produced by a cell phone?

  • Cell phone radiation is transmitted by cell phone antenna in all directions
  • Most of the energy lost in the space
  • Part of the energy received by base station
  • part of the energy is incident on human head


Electro magnetic signal transmit from cell phone antenna

Note: The increased use of cell phones has brought about serious concerns
regarding the probable health hazards. This is because mobile phones use
electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range.







How the radiation are generated from laptop and mobile (Hindi)

Steps to reduce the Mobile Phone Radiation Effects  – Please watch this 2 Video – source  ABP News Channel

Consider the following when using your mobile phone.It is not only the choice of phone, but how you use it that is important when you want to control the amount of radiation you are exposed to. Here you will find a few simple tips that can considerably reduce radiation and therefore also health risks.



  1. Use a handsfree set – The further away from your body the phone is, the less radiation you are exposed to. Using a hands-free set is the easiest way to radically reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to if you use a mobile phone.


2. Hold it at the bottom – By covering large areas of the phone with your hand, you reduce its ability to send and receive signals. The phone then increases its power and transmits stronger radiation to compensate this. So hold the phone as far down as possible, so it can operate at low power.


3. Get in the best position –You can see the signal reception strength in the display. When reception is good, the phone reduces power and radiation. If reception is poor, the phone uses maximum power and radiation.


4. Don’t talk too long and Use regular phone if possible – The radiation you are exposed to is directly related to the time you spend talking on your phone. For linger calls it is safer “and cheaper” to call from a regular phone.


5. Hazardous areas of use

Don’t use a mobile phone while driving a car. Stop at a safe place and talk.
Don’t use your mobile phone in places where there is a lot of electrical equipment, such as hospitals and aircraft.
Don’t let small children talk on your mobile phone for long periods. They are more susceptible than adults.



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Source – L&T presentation



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  1. We always know the excess usage of mobile phone is hazardous, still, it is always neglected.
    Thanks for sharing “Steps to reduce the Mobile Phone Radiation Effects”. It can be the first step towards this until a major decision is taken by the government in this regard.

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