GuruBox Weekly Post 6 – Some nice stuff we are reading, watching and observing

In the Weekly Post, we suggest worthwhile reading material on a variety of topics including Personal & Professional development  like – Quote to Inspire,Motivation and Inspiration from a successful person,Worthwhile to read (Top 5 English and Hindi post)

1. Quote to Inspire


2. Motivation and Inspiration from a successful person – Warren Buffett


 Warren Buffet – The Value Investor

Warren Buffet’s unmatched investment record in the 20th century” has earned him the name The Oracle of Omaha. The oracle has no crystal ball, though. Far from fortune telling, the investment success of one of the world’s wealthiest men is based on fundamental value investing. If you bind the annual letters of Berkshire Hathaway into a book – which you can in fact buy on Amazon – you may have the only book on value investing you will ever need. Considering Warren Buffet’s investment record, his sage advice on value investing is all you need. Buffet repeats the same themes in his newsletters.

Invest in Businesses, Not Stocks – Buffet does not look at a stock’s price or beta – volatility of a stock price, he looks at the underlying business. A value investor wants to know what the asset is going to do; a speculator wants to know what the price is going to do, says the oracle. Think like a business owner.

Be Able to See the Future – It is essential to be able to see the future of a business. What short- and long-term trends will affect that future – costs, prices, competition? This is as important as the intrinsic value calculation. What cash will the business generate and how does it compare to its stock price? “20% of Fortune 500 companies will be earning significantly less in five years,” says Buffet.

Love the Business – The owner should love the business. You should like the business so much that you use its products.

Invest Back in the Business – The business is generating good returns on capital and investing earnings back into the business.

Facts about Warren Buffett and his wealth

  • At the age of 11, he bought three shares of Cities Service Preferred for himself, and three for his sister.
  • Buffett made one of his most successful investments because of salad dressing.
  • Buffett is giving almost all of his money to charity, not his children.
  • Buffett recently hired a man who paid millions — twice — just to have lunch with him.
  • Buffett plays bridge online at least four times a week.
  • Buffett owns relatively few stocks — but those he owns, he tries to hold “forever.”
  • 99% of Warren Buffett’s wealth was earned after his 50th birthday.
  • He never travels by private jet, although he owns the world’s largest private jet company

In Media –

Must watch videos – Becoming Warren Buffett

 4. Worthwhile to read



  1. सैमसंग ने अपना नया फ़ोन गैलेक्सी एस 8 और एस 8प्लस लांच कर दिया है. इसमें से होम बटन को हटा दिया गया है और एक नया वर्चुअल असिस्टेंट इसके फ़ीचर में शामिल है… – सैमसंग के नए फ़ोन गैलेक्सी एस 8, एस 8 प्लस में क्या है ख़ास?

  2. विटामिन डी की कमी : लक्षण, कारण व उपचार

  3.  शेर-ए-पंजाब महाराजा रणजीत सिंह की जीवनी व रोचक तथ्य

  4.  मन को शांति देते ब्रह्माकुमारी शिवानी के 56 अनमोल विचार

  5.  कैसे सीखें अंग्रेजी बोलना ? 12 Ideas


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