Meditation Series – What is Transcendental Meditation ?

If you have come to learn meditation, it is likely that you want to learn transcendental meditation or TM for short. There are many people that have set their sights on this type of meditation and with good reason.

First, it’s easy to learn. Second, you can actually find countless benefits from this type of meditation.

Once you learn to practice Transcendental Meditation, you’ll find results and benefits right away. Through a bit of practice, you could be doing this within a week or so, especially if you have practiced the other types of meditations prior to this.

During Transcendental Meditation, you will work closely with an instructor.This instructor not only will walk you through the process of entering into this type of meditation, but he or she will also provide you with a unique mantra to use during the process.

Remember that a mantra is a word or a few syllables of a word that you will say over and over again. In this type of meditation, your instructor will give you a specific mantra to say that is chosen specifically for you. This type of selection is based on your body’s needs and your nervous system specifically.

Once you have been given this type of meditation mantra, you can then begin the process of meditation. You must promise not to tell anyone what your mantra is as that’s part of the process.

From this point, you will sit down quietly and clear your mind of anything that is going through it. Then, you’ll close your eyes gently and relax your muscles throughout your body, much like that of a simple meditation. From here, you’ll begin repeating your mantra over and over again. The goal is to completely focus on those words.

When you do this, over and over again, you’ll want to dispel any other thoughts that come into your mind. Clearing your mind and bring it back to the mantra is going to allow you to find benefits in meditation.You should practice this type of meditation at least two times per day, every day.

In this type of meditation, your goal is to find an “oneness” with the universe. By repeating this one word or idea over and over again, you enter into a state of consciousness that is elevated. You are creating a one between you and the universe.

During the process, you’ll use your passive attitude to easily dispel any distractions that come into your mind. Remember, when your mind wanders, a simple, “oh well” will allow you to come back to your mantra and therefore refocus your meditation exercises.

If you remember correctly from our earlier chapters, there are many benefits to Transcendental Meditation. If you will be practicing this type of meditation for any purpose, you should still clear your mind of all of those thoughts prior to getting started otherwise it may not actually work well for you.

You should also remember our information about Transcendental Meditation in how it relates to your health. This type of mediation is the most profound type of meditation in the way of relaxation and health and mental benefits.

Notes: Thanks for reading & sharing and this is end of Meditation Series.

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2 thoughts on “Meditation Series – What is Transcendental Meditation ?

  1. Beautiful explanation here. For years TM has been a valuable stress relief tool in my full and rich. For me as I introduce the mantra is it less about ‘focusing’ on it…in fact I’m actually letting my mind take a break from focusing or concentrating..I just let the thoughts come and when I notice I’m not longer using the mantra, I just come back to it. Soooo easy and powerful.

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