Meditation Series – What is Walking Meditation ?

There are many other types of mediation that can easily be used just like that of the simple meditation. Here, we’ll talk about Walking Meditation that may fill your needs.

The process seems much simpler than it is, but it’s worth the try because it can allow you to enter into a new enlightenment no matter where you are.Walking meditation does take practice so plan on giving it a few chances before you write it off as something that’s not working for you.

Here’s how walking meditation works –

  • Start by paying attention to your body as you walk. You should take note of the way it feels, not just walking but how it affects each part of your body.You should feel the ground hitting the bottom of your foot. You should feel the muscles in your legs and back tighten with each step that you take. Pay attention to these things.
  • Focus your attention, now on each of your feet. Start with just one foot. As it hits the ground, take notice of it. Feel the next foot come up and go down,notice how it feels too. Continue to do this over and over again until it almost becomes a mantra that you are saying to yourself.
  • If your mind begins to wander off, force yourself to focus on your movements again. Your eyes should be watching in front of you, without really looking at anything in particular. Don’t focus on anything else. This will help you to take your meditation to the next level of meditation.

Why should you use walking meditation? Its simple. When was the last time that you paid attention to the actually walking part of your movements?

You think about the countless things you have to do, where you are going and who’s talking to you, but not the movements of walking itself, which can offer a high level of relaxation when focused on.

By concentrating on walking itself, you can better experience relaxation and the movements of walking itself. Through this, you can enter into a new awareness of the world around you and of your physical self.

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