Meditation Series – What is meditation Object or Mantra?

You need to have a meditation object or mantra to use to help direct and focus your attention on.The object that you use is generally called a mantra, which is actually a specific word or even a syllable.

Sometimes, like in Buddhism meditation, you’ll focus on your breathing movements as your object for meditation. If you do decide to use breathing as your method for entering into meditation, then do so correctly. You need to make your meditation method use the rise and fall of your abdomen rather than the presence of inhaling air.

In addition, make sure to use breathing that comes from your diaphragm rather than from your stomach. Proper posture will help in the meditation process. Once you get into a meditation state, you’ll find that the rhythm of your breathing in the movement of your body will help to promote deep relaxation.

Either of these, mantra or breathing, can be used as your meditation object so long as they provide for relaxation.You can also use various other elements in the room you are in. If you choose to do this, make sure that the element you select is something that provides for relaxation. Some individuals like to close their eyes in order to relax and then to induce meditation. This is up to you and your preferences for meditation.

Should you go with a mantra for your method of inducing meditation, do so with careful thought. Although some meditation therapists will tell you that a specific selection of sounds should be used for your mantra as determined by your nervous system, there isn’t a lot of noticeable benefit from this.

You can use any word that is neutral and that allows you to stay focused. It should not be something that easily brings another thought to your mind. It doesn’t have to be a word either. It can be a nonsensical sound or a grouping of sounds.

Remember that your mind needs to enter into a phase in which no thoughts or very few thoughts and no thoughts of meaning are passing through it.When this happens, the deepest level of thought and consciousness are found and only then can it happen.



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