Meditation Series – How to control mind during the mediation?

Your attitude is probably the most important element in this entire process. It is called poised awareness because that’s just what you are. You are relaxed but alert in such a way that is the perfect balance between the two.

When you enter this type of awareness, you notice what is happening around you but you are not focusing on it. You are casually aware of these things and yet you are detached from them.When new thoughts enter your mind, you must let them just pass through,knowing that they have come but not caring much about them. As you gaze at your meditation object, you’ll want to allow your mind the ability to notice what is happening around you.

But, when your mind wanders away and you begin to add additional thoughts onto that original one, developing an interest in them, come back to that meditation object and readdress your methods of entering into meditation.When you learn to keep your mind focused and relaxed, you can realize that your mind has gone off into another direction and bring it back to where we want it to be for meditation.

When you enter poised awareness, you will at first need to fight to stay there. Yet, over time, you’ll find yourself being able to stay in focus throughout your meditation experience. You don’t have to fight it as much.A passive attitude is one in which your mind can notice that there are other thoughts passing through, but that stays relaxed and doesn’t focus on those thoughts. When you can do this, you’ll be able to notice but not react to those distractions that come your way, therefore allowing your body and mind to enter into meditation easier.

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