Meditation Series – What are the important aspects of the meditation process?

The body and mind are very connected, so they influence each other. The posture you take can help concentration, or can act as a distraction.

Here are the most important aspects of meditation process :

First, we need to help you to find the right location to meditate. As you can probably imagine, you need a location that is quiet and calm. If you wish to experience meditation, being in the correct surroundings will make all of the difference to you.

2.The Right Position
Just like the right location, being in the right position for meditation is crucial. Actually, what we are looking for here is the right posture for your body that provides for the best abilities to meditate.
The posture in which your body is in is very much a role player in the type of experience that you have.One of the most important elements in maintaining your posture is to keep your spine straight. Although there is no proof medically speaking, it is believed that when the spine is correctly aligned, in a straight line, which it helps to benefit the state of mind that you are in.

3.Semi Poised
The semi poised posture is another choice. In a semi poised posture, you are not sitting straight up and you are not lying down flat. You are reclining to a point. This is often done by those that can’t sit well straight up. It can be done on your sofa for additional comfort. Make sure that your head is supported in this position. You should not put yourself in a position that allows you to fall asleep, though.

4.Poised Posture
The most common and the most beneficial type of posture is that of poised.The poised posture is one in which the back and spine is upright and straight,but is not rigidly so. The reasoning behind this benefit is actually important to understand.When you are in the poised posture, your body is alert. Your state of mind is that of being aware and poised, ready for attention. By keeping your back straight, you are keeping your mind alert.

5.Lotus Posture
Another option is that of the lotus posture. This is actually the most common and well liked posture in the Eastern forms of meditation. In this position, you will sit with your legs crossed and the back and spine in a vertical line. Your legs are crossed with the feet placed on the thighs.

The problem with the lotus posture is that it can be somewhat painful for those that aren’t flexible. It can be something learned and even mastered after a few tries.

There are other postures that can be used as well. If you would like to learn a posture that allows you to sit in a specific position, look towards your meditation guide to help you to find one that works for you.



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