Meditation Series – What are the required elements for Meditation?

To perform meditation, there are several key elements that must be taken into consideration prior to getting started. If and when you accomplish these tasks, you’ll be in a better place to actually meditate to the highest possible level of consciousness.

There are four big things to consider.

First, you need to have the right attitude. For that, you need what is called a passive attitude. This attitude allows for the right experience because it takes away some of the lesser and often negative aspects that you may have towards meditation.

Attitude isn’t everything, though. The next element that you need is the right location. The best location for meditation is one that is quiet and relaxing to you. Whatever it takes to get into the right setting, make it happen.

Next, you need the right physical posture. Your body must be in the right stage so that you are both comfortable and relaxed to the level that meditation requires. When you enter this stage, meditation is easier to accomplish.

Finally, you need something to meditate on. As we’ve already discussed,there is importance in what this is as it should be something that is relaxing and something that allows you to remain still and quiet while meditating with that element.Now, we’ll go into detail about each of these aspects. Each is a very important part to the meditation process.

Note : In the next post following will be explained –

  • Location
  • The Right Position
  • Semi Poised
  • Poised Posture
  • Lotus Posture



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